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  Ranking last updated on Thursday, July 21st 6:00 2005
for the server Virtual Cattleground FFA
t e a m  stats
This is map N 170 of 186.
The map was started on December 2005
28th 6:02:59
and was up for 9:00'00 Hours.
This page sums up all the happenings on this map. The teams that played, their scores, the frags, deaths, suicides and events, the players seen in the teams...

t e a m  statistics
...Team Overview F, D , S, &E Usage
...Team Weapon usage F/D
...Team Events / Scores
...Team player stats

team inventory This is an overview of the overall scores, and the total numbers of events, frags, deaths, suicides per team for this very map.

team weapon usage Here you will find details on the teams weapon usage frags, and how hard a team was hit by the other team's weapons deaths.

team events / scores Here you can find out about the events each team triggered and how many points they scored by doing so. These non-frags track many of the other things that happened on this server.

team player infos Here you will find the players, that where seen on each team in this map, and all sorts of info on these players, like their total frags, deaths, suicides, events and event score sum.

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